Monday, May 11, 2009

There is No Creator God; God is the Creation!

The energies that make up all existence are eternal, both retrospectively and prospectively. They were not created or made.

Matter is a natural product of the primal forces of nature.

We are a part of it, every atom in our bodies contains the seed of existence.

Intelligence is the Mystery of Mysteries, but we can say a few things concerning it:

Each basic intelligence is an individual component, while also being part of a more complex order. The product of several basic intelligences results in a more complex intelligence. These are combined to make even more complex and higher order intelligent entities until we at last arrive at a level perceived by us to be a sentient being.

God does not enter the picture until the product has already been achieved.  A god is a high order, compound intelligent being, the archetypal goal of Human life.  The basic intelligences are not God, the origin and source of all is not God, but dust, as it were.


Susie Day said...

saying that God is made up of our individual parts?

Jeff said...

I'm saying that God is a complex being similar to each or any of us, or equivalent to each of us. Not necessarily a composite being consisting of all of us, which I would instead call Godkind, and would be more of a racial Archetype.