Sunday, January 20, 2008

Learning True Good - Ethics as a Tool of Spiritual Discernment

This is only a partially developed thought, but I wanted to share it.

Somewhere out there on a planet in Alpha Centauri there is a being so Superior to us that we call Him God. He is not alone. There are many Supreme Beings out there - the Elohim. Some are good, and some are evil. Well, what makes our God special? He, together with our Mother, seeded our world.

If any of these Elohim visited us on earth, we would be tempted to worship them as God. It has been revealed to us that our Deity is one of Goodness. If an Evil being came it would seek out this worship, and try to be recognized as God, but it is our duty to know the Good from the Evil so that we can detect such an impostor.

Any other Good being would not try to take that which is not rightfully theirs. No Good God would come to a planet not under his or her authority and usurp it.

While this example may not be correct in its technical details, it is illustrative of the principle: If we properly learn Ethics we can discern between God and all Impostors. Therefore, to know Ethics is to know God. To know Ethics will cause us to practice them. If we know God we will know ourselves. To show it another way, if we understand the Ethical teachings of Jesus, we will know the Father when we see Him.