Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mystic Experience with a Holy Spirit

Last night something happened. Well, it's been brewing for about a week. My friend Adam and I witnessed something truly amazing, and unprecedented as far as we can tell.

In the Spirit World, Joseph Smith learned or became aware of something this last week, possibly last night. Crying or Laughing. The emotion was not able to be discerned, it was nothing like we ever felt before.

The character of The Book of Mormon, The First Vision, and more: everything has changed. The witness is different now in some respects. Assumptions about what had been seen, about what had been translated, all assumptions have fallen away, and the only thing that remains is what is sure knowledge (or first-hand experience) in the Spirit World, or testified by a Holy Spirit to those who are here.

This came with the shocking realization that knowledge in the Spirit World is not privileged far beyond knowledge here on earth. But, it appears that the Holy Spirits can learn from what their assigned people here on earth are seeing, studying, hearing. We are their eyes and ears into this world and its records.

I'm sure this type of learning goes on all the time, but this particular piece (or assemblage) of knowledge was devastating to the system.

This event was foreshadowed twice in the preceding week.

First, Adam spoke a parable about a Rubik's cube representing a persons religion, that even if you have all the pieces, you still have to turn them the right way to solve the puzzle. After telling this parable, the first cube he picked up shattered to pieces.

Then, yesterday during the day, he picked up a Chinese cube puzzle at my place, and said even if we have all the pieces, we have to turn them the right way to see into the depths of the religion. A few minutes later, the puzzle broke (the elastic rope inside of it broke and the wooden cubes all fell off the string.)

Last night this was fulfilled, and the real "cube" of religion in the Spirit World became shattered. All we have left now is pieces. Testimony of our Heavenly Parents, spirits, and instruction in ethics, like that which was taught by Jesus: These things remain. Even Messiah and the Scriptures have come back under evaluation.

And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. (Rev 8:6)