Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Background

I'm pretty sure that I feel Jewish. I also feel Mormon, but it is in a way that I don't think most other Mormons comprehend.

I haven't been like this for very long. I have gone through some major spiritual transformations lately. The place I've ended up might be a little bit lonely. So I figured I should blog and see if it resonates with anyone else.

What am I, technically, by the "letter" of the law, as it is said? I am a Mormon. I was baptized into the LDS Church in 1999. But my faith has been tested in some harsh ways. I've survived through three ward disciplinary councils, one for "witchcraft" and two for "conduct consistent with apostasy." And yet, my wife and I have just finally been able to go to the Temple together. I have seen the hand of God protecting us and aiding us in order to achieve this. My Patriarchal Blessing tells me I'm of the tribe of Ephraim. While I say I feel Jewish, I am not formally a Jew, but I have began to study under Rabbi Jonathan Seidel who is the spiritual leader of Or haGan synagogue in Eugene, Oregon.

I haven't blogged with any depth in quite some time. This is because I was trying to live in a very conservative way, so that I could attain what was my most important goal at the time: Going to the Temple with my wife for her own Endowment ceremony. This was important because I wanted us to share the same religious foundations to bring our bond even closer together as a new family. I think it has, even though it's only been a week so far since she went through.

Now that I am no longer a lone man in the garden of Eden, I am going to start blogging my feelings and thoughts more openly again, because I don't want to get spiritually suffocated. That's what I'll be using this blog for.

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