Monday, November 30, 2009

Table of the Voice of Angels


The table of the voice of angels.

The first row: P as in Map, Ch as in Catch, K as in Lack, Ts as in Rats, T as in Art.

The second row: F as in Laugh, Sh as in Fresh, Kh as in Loch, S as in Mass, Th as in Myth.

The third row:  All are as the sound of wind, with no voice.

The fourth row: B as in Drab, Dj as in Large, G as in Morgue, D as in Had.

The fifth row: V as in Crave, Taj, Gh like Kh but vibrating, Z as in Praise, Dth as in Lathe.

The sixth row: W as in Cow, R as in Far, % carries the vowel, Rr like R but trilled, L as in Quell.

The seventh row:  M as in Lamb, Y as in Fray, Ng as in Sing, # stops the voice, and N as in Man.