Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Gentle Tugging at My Soul

Every day lately, it seems like I've been feeling a gentle tugging at my soul, to go out and share with others the religious knowledge that I have found.  Like I'm supposed to hit the streets and share the original message of Jesus, ethical behavior, the Kingdom of God.  To help set them free from the deception of Paul.  Also, to teach about the restoration, modern revelation, and the priesthood.

My last post about not having a name, is one of my excuses.  I don't feel equipped to do this if I don't have a name to ascribe to the work.  The Hebrew word Kevod popped into my mind today.  It means Glorious.  That isn't a name, though.

Maybe I should go out without a name. How to start? What a humbling feeling.

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