Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Godhead

Just contemplating...

Primordial Energy
(Not an object of our worship)

Aur Ein Sof = Light Without End.

This light constitutes the "intelligences" that Joseph Smith mentioned. It forms everything, it is the source of the power of God and of all things. This is the energy that constitutes the Universe.

Grandparent Deities (Not objects of our worship)

Eloh-Yehvah v Khevah = God of Yehvah and Khevah, Grandfather.
Eloah-Yehvah v Khevah = Goddess of Yehvah and Khevah, Grandmother.

Celestial or Heavenly Parents (Proper objects of our worship)

El - Yehvah - Adam - Father
Asherah - Khevah (Eve) - Mother

Terrestrial Guide (Not an object of our worship)


Telestial Guide (Not an object of our worship)

Yophiel (Beauty of God)
(Or another Angel.)


Yourself (Not an object of our worship)

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